Research projects

(1) Molecular basis on the gene regulation and its application in the methylotrophic yeast
a) Heterologous gene expression system based on gene regulation of methanol-metabolizinig enzymes
b) Mechanism of transcriptional regulation in methanol induction

Methanol metabolism in the methylotrophic yeast
Methanol metabolism in the methylotrophic yeast

(2) Analysis on the orgnellar assembly and disassembly and its application
a) Peroxisome biogenesis and function of peroxisomal membrane protein
b) Molecular mechanisim of degradation of peroxisomes by vacuole (pexophagy)
c) Production of heterologous proteins in organelle
d) Optimization of secretion of heterologous proteins

Candida boidinii grown on methanol
P, peroxisomes; M, mitochondria; N, nuclei

Peroxisome (green) degradation by vacuole (red) in Pichia pastoris
Y. Sakai et al., J. Cell Biol., 141, 625 (1998).

(3) Methane and methanol metabolism of prokaryotes
a) Ecological significance of prokaryotic C1 metabolism
b) Molecular breading of methylotrophic bacteria for microbial productions

C1 compounds metabolic pathway in prokaryote: Ribulose monophosphate pathway